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Stationery Spotlight: Surprise Fiftieth Celebration!


Jonathan’s Stationery Suite was designed with a sense of masculinity, deep color tones and layered textural elements. Beginning with the Save the Dates, a color scope of kraft, black and chocolate brown with pops of Hermès orange was established to be the perfect teaser of the look and feel of the weekend. Various versions of custom JW logos helped to add a detailed complexity and playful nature to the branding of the weekend, as well. A plastisol ink was screen printed over the kraft paper to add a slight sheen and raised texture to the Save the Date. Faux leather photo corners held in place a childhood photo of the birthday boy for guests to reminisce with.



A digital, interactive Invitation was created for the final mailing and was received by guests in a kraft mailing tube, filled will Hermès orange crinkle paper. A custom, wood burned tag was paired with a JW logo’d flash drive and attached to a beautiful black goat leather keychain as a keepsake for each of the guests. The digital invitation took the guests through the weekend of events and ended with a personal video created by Jonathon’s children inviting each guest to join them in celebrating Jonathon’s 50th!

Be sure to visit the gallery to see more details from this special birthday celebration!

Graphic Design by A Day in May Events; Images by Jen Kroll Photography

Top 9 Things We are Thankful for in 2016

adim_givethanksImage via Tec Petaja

Thanksgiving often reminds us of the importance of gratitude. We wanted to take a moment to reflect on some of the “little” things that have made 2016 so memorable for our team. Here are 9 things we are especially thankful for this year!

  1. Coffee cups & wine glasses- need we say more?!
  2. The Jawbone UP Fitness Tracker – when midnight hits and you have already walked 16 miles that day and you have another 3 or 4 hours of partying left before you can shut of the generator, sometimes the only motivation to keep moving are “step duels” and seeing who can out step and pace one another.
  3. Land Line Telephone- no matter how technologically advanced this world becomes, there is proof in the age old addage of “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.” Thank you AT&T business and Dean Adams of Bay Area Contracting for saving our sanity and assisting in the installation of a true landline into the new ADIM office. We considered carrier pigeons and smoke signals but they were both too messy 😉
  4. The ADIM Mobile HQ– We can’t post or love on our 1971 Airstream Caravanner enough. On every job site she accompanies us on, we hear from multiple people, “what did we ever do without Ohmee?” And they are right, since 2014 she’s been the caboose to our party train (no really, Alicia tows her behind her truck) and the space shuttle strapped to our rocket ship headed to another galaxy. Did we mention that her stove top cooks a mean grilled cheese and navy bean soup on cold days?!
  5. Waze App – Lish has a lead foot so now we know where the police are sitting 🙂 we are still adjusting to the new office location, 15 minutes further from town!
  6. The new iOS update – We love the new GIF selection for text messages, because sometimes words just aren’t enough in this business. However, if you were Emily you would say, Bitmoji. Just ask Libby… according to her, Emily’s bitmoji game is stronger than anyone she knows!
  7. Boxes on Boxes, Unboxed – 3 of us moved this year (Lish, Tana and the ADIM office!) so we have packed and unpackaged items in the same boxes numerous times!  Shoutout to Grand Traverse Container for the donated Drakes Crispy Fry mix boxes- neon yellow boxes make sorting much easier!
  8. Our new UPS & FedEx delivery team- They were christened when we had a special birthday party this June. Two days in a row both of their vehicles were filled with Little Tykes Cozy Coupes and back to back wedding delivereies. Conveniently Tana seems to be out of the office on delivery days- did we mention she handles all POs?!
  9. Gas Station Snacks – its a true art form creating a well-balanced meal from the gas station. Thanks to Sabra hummus packs, The Jerky Outlet, Sargento cheese sticks, and the occassional packaged pickle, we’ve learned to whip up a balanced meal from vacuum sealed packaged goodies, while on the county backroads we travel.

Finally, we want to extend our sincerest gratitude for good health, our amazing clients and team of vendors, our families and beautiful hometown in Northern Michigan, and the opportunities life has afforded us. Thank you for following along on all of our ADIM adventures! We send our love and best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Tablescape Inspiration

adim_thanksgiving_tablesImage via Jen Kroll Photography

Now that you have your Thanksgiving menu planned, it’s time to think about styling your table! Whether you want to go all out with decor and dishware or add simple, thoughtful touches, the table design can make the holiday even more memorable for you and your guests. Here are a few of the tablescapes that are inspiring us at the moment.

thanksgiving_naturalImages via Anthropologie

Add Natural Touches – Gourds, Herbs, Leaves and Autumnal Blooms make for gorgeous Thanksgiving Centerpieces…plus they are easy to forage in your own backyard!

adim_thanksgivingtables_3Images via BlesserHouse

Mix in Metallics – we love the combination of copper with greenery! This style looks great year round, but adding autumnal accents like the warm plaid table runner and gourds makes the look perfect for Thanksgiving.

adim_thanksgiving_patternImages via Better Homes and Gardens and Style Me Pretty

Incorporate pattern! Beautifully patterned linens are a great way to add color and texture to your table. For Thanksgiving, we recommend gingham or plaid. You might also consider adding cozy throw blankets for guests to warm up as the evening cools off.

adim_thanksgiving_brightImages via Elle Decor

Keep it light and fresh with white dinnerware, candlesticks and bright floral. The look is elegant and chic!

thanksgivingdarkaccentsImages via My Domaine and Smitten Studio

If you prefer a moodier look, try dark accents. We are currently coveting ceramic dinnerware sets in black or smoke gray. Pair with metallic flatware, a white accent and greenery…. and voila!

adim_thanksgiving_printedpiecesImages via Honestly Yum and Glitter Guide

Allow Printed Pieces to be a Focal Point – add a personalized place card or menu at each seat. Practice your hand lettering and calligraph each guest’s name or if you prefer a quick and easy option – there are tons of great printable templates online! Emily created gorgeous templates for Give Thanks and Place Cards that you can download and print for guests on Thursday.

adim_thanksgivingtable_5Images via Domino and the Turquoise Home

Shake Up your Color Palette – If you prefer something different than the typical orange, autumnal hues, mix it up with a pop of pink, or berry tones. We love mixing high and low design elements in the center of the table – if you are using tall candlesticks, pair with shorter floral arrangements to keep the design balanced.

Whether you forage greenery to create your own centerpiece or collect decor pieces from around the house and combine them in a new way – we hope you have some fun with design this Thanksgiving!  We know the holiday will be beautiful! xoxo



Top 9 Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner



Image via Country Living

Thanksgiving is one of the biggest family holidays of the year (and certainly the most delicious!). Hosting your loved ones for Thanksgiving Dinner is great fun but can also be stressful at times. We have a few helpful hints to make the day go smoothly..also be sure to download the gorgeous templates for Folded Place Cards and Give Thanks cards created by our graphic design extraordinaire, Emily! These printed pieces will look beautiful on your table and add a memorable touch to the holiday.


  1. Have seating assignments ready – to avoid confusion and guests wondering where to sit, we recommend having beautiful place cards adorned with each guests name at each seat.
  2. Meal Plan & Prep! Embrace “mise en place” a french culinary term that means “everything in its place” and refers to purchasing, preparing and measuring the necessary ingredients for recipes in advance. The more you can make and have prepped beforehand, the more smoothly everything will go in the kitchen the day of.
  3. Make sure you know the weight of your turkey. This might seem like a silly detail but it is critical to know the length of time it will take to cook. Guests will be oohing and aching when you pull out the perfectly golden brown turkey from the oven.
  4. Make sure your meat thermometer is working – do a test in advance! A helpful guideline for the internal temperatures of your cooked turkey is: 165-170F in the breast, 175-180F in the thigh and 165F in the center of the stuffing.
  5. Set the Table in Advance. This will help avoid worrying about last minute details. Plus you can see everything you are working toward in the kitchen by seeing the table set and ready for guests. If you want to place the glasses the night before just make sure to turn them upside down!
  6. Delegate – Your family and friends want to help! Even giving them simple tasks like opening wine bottles, folding napkins or lighting candles will make guests feel like they are contributing to the celebration. We all want to help the host!
  7. Give thanks! That is what this holiday is about, afterall. Place a notecard at each place setting and ask each guest to write down what they are thankful for. While you are enjoying dessert, you can go around the table and read off the responses. This will become a great tradition for years to come.
  8. Have plenty of ice on hand for cocktails and refreshments. Your ice maker won’t supply the entire party – purchase and store extra bags of ice so you can restock and keep the glasses full 🙂
  9. Relax, Eat & Enjoy!

An ADIM Thanksgiving



Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner and not sure where to start with the menu? The ladies of ADIM are here to help! Each of our team members have pulled together their favorite recipes to create a Thanksgiving menu that is sure to please your nearest and dearest!

Libby’s Balsamic Brussel Sprout appetizer will kick off the party and dinner service will begin with Netty’s Apple Cranberry Pecan salad (so good even the boys in the house will love it!). Your guests mouth’s will be watering when you pull Tana’s signature fennel, chile and maple brined turkey from the oven! Cut the turkey and serve with Em’s Machiela Stuffing (a classic family recipe!), Kerry’s Brown Sugar Glazed Sweet Potatoes with Marshmallows (a dish that will please the kiddos and the adults) and Britt’s Green Bean Casserole (a friendsgiving favorite!). While you and your loved ones are going around the table and saying what you are thankful for, serve up a piece of blackberry pie with homemade crust – a family favorite for Alicia and the Caldecott family!

No menu would be complete without a signature cocktail, so we also included our ADIM favorite – the “May Day!”

For the complete recipes, be sure to download our Thanksgiving Menu PDF here! Your guests will leave with full hearts and tummies 🙂