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Lish’s Design Inspiration


We are in the midst of designing a lakeside wedding here in Northern Michigan for a special client next summer. They love the water and want to incorporate blue, particularly a slate or Lake Superior blue, while also working in other hues in relation to white. I’m currently experimenting with how blue and white interact, as our clients also love tonal, neutral colors but we are not going for a high contrast design.

Light and pattern are my greatest muses. I’m particularly drawn to the organic patterns that light can produce when passing through or being blocked by an object. This concept is perfectly exemplified in nature. The way light passes through the water is fascinating…nature produces the most beautiful patterns that cannot be duplicated.

Art installations and 3D art are also captivating me at the moment. Isn’t it incredible how art can spark dramatically different reactions amongst different people? Something seemingly simple in appearance can offer great complexity upon further examination. One must marinate on the concept, and unearth the layers of detail to fully digest the concept. Design should feel effortless, but the story and reason for the application is anything but haphazard. That is what we strive for in design…unique and effortless beauty that culminates to tell an interesting story.

Images From Top Left to Right: Navy Orange Tumblr; Evelina Blomquist; Juanjo Fernandez; Pinterest; Capilla Cardedeu; Naotamura; Tess Leopold; Free as a Bee Tumblr;  Sandy Cary Tumblr