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Vibrant Floral


Floral Design by Field of Flowers Farm; Image by The Weber Photographers

We hope you all had a lovely weekend. We were busy celebrating the birthday of a very special 4 year old! There were race cars and superheroes galore! Now that we are back in the office and moving full speed ahead into wedding season, we thought what better way to kick off a new week than with some bright blooms? Lately we have been loving vibrant floral pieces to add playfulness and pops of color to our event design. While some couples love muted neutrals and pastels, it can be fun to mix things up with happy floral!

You may have noticed we uploaded a new gallery on our website titled “Happiness on Lake Michigan” and surely the vibrant color palette and cheery blooms added to the abundance of joy that day.

Wishing you a bright and happy week ahead!


Floral by Scarlett and Grace; Image by Milou Olin Photography


Floral Design by Nature Composed; Image by Rachel May Photography

ADIM_VibrantFloral_The Style Co

Image by The Style Co

ADIM_VibrantFLoral_Ivy Road Wedding Photography

Floral Design by Elyssium Blooms; Image by Ivy Road Wedding Photography